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Pulsetta Lemon Oat Thins

Pulsetta Lemon Oat Thins are little bursts of sunshine in a biscuit.


Pulsetta Mocha Oat Thins

Pulsetta Mocha Oat Thins are mild shots of espresso in a biscuit.

Pulsetta Vanilla Oat Thins

Pulsetta Vanilla Oat Thins are a retro classic in a biscuit.


We wanted to create food that's great tasting, nutritious, healthier and good for you. That's why all our products are made with pulses and other carefully selected wholesome ingredients. Everything we make is also naturally gluten free... but you wouldn't know it unless we told you.

We developed our range of biscuits, snacks, breads, rolls and other delicious baked goods using only Nature's ingredients and without artificial additives. Best of all, they taste amazing!

Ingredients by Nature – thoughtfully baked by Pulsetta.

Gluten Free

Dairy & Egg Free

1 of Your 5-A-Day

Great for Fibre

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