Gluten Free and Vegan Biscuits and Breadcrumbs:

Pulsetta Lemon Oat Thins

Pulsetta Lemon Oat Thins are little bursts of sunshine in a biscuit.


Pulsetta Mocha Oat Thins

Pulsetta Mocha Oat Thins are mild shots of espresso in a biscuit.

Pulsetta Vanilla Oat Thins

Pulsetta Vanilla Oat Thins are a retro classic in a biscuit.


Pulsetta biscuits are hand-baked in the rolling foothills of rural Aberdeenshire in the northeast Scottish Highlands.
  Our gluten-free products pair tradition with a healthy twist, by using flour from pulses such as peas that provide a tasty source of nutrients, vegetable proteins and natural sweetness.
  Pulsetta biscuits come with the Duncan family's guarantee that only Scotland's finest oats and other quality ingredients have been selected for a gluten-free and all-natural delicious experience.

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