Pulsetta is a story about truly nutritious, wholesome foods.


Inspired by the lack of natural, healthy, gluten-free foods available, Pulsetta began as a kitchen experiment that grew into something much more. By using milled pulses (e.g. peas and lentils), rather than traditional flour, Pulsetta has a nutritional profile that is truly world-class amongst gluten-free foods. The health benefits of including pulses means that many of the Pulsetta products contribute towards your 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables.


Pulsetta is completely natural, with nothing artificial added. Pulsetta is nutritious, naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein and fibre. Yet Pulsetta is also free-from most major allergens, without gluten, milk, dairy, or egg. This means Pulsetta can be enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs. Pulsetta is an excellent choice for families, dieters, athletes, and anyone who wishes to follow a healthy lifestyle. With Pulsetta, free-from is only ever an advantage.


The Pulsetta Team is a diverse group of passionate people who care about baking the best quality, healthy, delicious foods. We strive to deliver the best and continue to make more products available to you in the future. We hope you enjoy reading about our story.


In early 2016, we formed a joint venture with Duncan's of Deeside, a leading 3rd generation family owned craft bakery in Scotland with over 30 years experience. Duncan's share are our core values and jointly we will launch many more products for you to enjoy!


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