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Think back to a time when bakery foods were tasty, wholesome and natural. Doesn't that sound lovely right now? Well, now you can have that again in a gluten-free way. Pulsetta is available as biscuits, breadcrumbs and other delicious baked goods.


Pulsetta foods are lovingly craft baked, by us for you. They are naturally nutritious and gluten-free, wheat-free, milk-free, and egg-free. Rather than using 'traditional' break-making methods, Pulsetta is craft baked using an innovative recipe using milled pulses (peas and lentils) rather than wheat-based flours. Therefore they can be enjoyed by coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.


Pulsetta is unique amongst gluten-free foods. Our foods are 100% natural. They contain no artificial additives, colours, preservatives, GMO, or added cellulose. They are also naturally nutritious, containing vitamins, minerals, vegetable proteins, and lots of fibre. Our innovative ingredients even mean Pulsetta contributes toward one of your 5-a-day.


Pulsetta is low in sugar and saturated fat, and multi Healthy Eating award-winning. Hope you enjoy them!

Customer Comments

"Pulsetta your bread is brilliant!" - Nick Nairn, Celebrity Chef, 01/06/2013, Twitter

"Pulsetta tremendous product well done" - Simon Rimmer, Celebrity Chef, 01/06/2013, Twitter

"Pulsetta... congrats to you! Primus inter pares (first among peers)." - Hardeep Singh Kohli, TV Presenter, 31/05/2013, Twitter

"... It really [is] the best product by far and believe me I've tried almost everything going but the Pulsetta really has the 'wow' factor with the first bite!" Jannifer, L. Personal trainer.


"Try Pulsetta out – tastes great!!" Tony H.


"I had heard about Pulsetta and knew that they produced Gluten free Bread and Rolls made from Peas and Lentils but didn't really think they had anything to offer me as I don't follow a GF diet. My preconceptions were shattered. In addition to being gluten free their innovative products are naturally nutritious, fill you up for longer, contribute to your five a day and are free from all major food allergens." Claire J., Foodie Quine Blogspot


"Thank you for this product - the world has been waiting for it!!" Jenny G.


"Pulsetta is so popular and so tasty too! Full of protein, high in fibre, no gluten, no soya, no dairy. Win Win Win. ... We think Pulsetta is the best thing since um sliced bread!" Health Food and More / The Fife Herbal Dispensary


"Thank you for what sounds like the best news for us coeliacs - bread and rolls that are not only good for you but are actually enjoyable too." Christine J.


"Your bread is fantastic!!! I will be telling everyone about it and how good it is." Alison N.


"Absolutely brilliant! Well done. And the best bit is it tastes great!" Craig J.


"Great bread!" Alex J.

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