Pulsetta Breadcrumbs

Pulsetta Breadcrumbs are gluten-free and contain all of the natural health benefits of that Pulsetta is known for: They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, 100% natural, full of vitamins and minerals, and due to their high volume of pulses 80g of breadcrumbs counts as one of your 5-a-Day fruit and veg.


Pulsetta Breadcrumbs are crispy and golden, and can be used in place of traditional breadcrumbs, in any recipe.


They are available as:

  • Standard crumbs
  • Coarse crumbs / rusk replacement (for food manufacture only)
  • Fine crumbs (for food manufacture only)


Available for:

  • Retail (150g resealable pouches with window)
  • Foodservice (1kg resealable pouches)
  • Food Manufacture (6kg and 18kg bags including pallet sized delivery)

Pulsetta Breadcrumbs are multi-award winning, in particular 'Best New Foodservice Product Innovation Award' (2014).


You can find all our awards here.

'Foodservice Product of the Year Excellence Award' Finalist for Pulsetta Breadcrumbs
Scotland Food & Drink
May 2014

Customer Comments

"The judging panel felt this distinctive new product has the potential to be a true market leader. In many respects this product should not be considered a substitute but far superior option especially considering the associated health benefits." 

Andrew Kenny, Category Director of ASDA UK


"A fantastic concept and a real market driver. The texture holds together better than breadcrumb with no distinctive taste coming through. Judges felt is a better, crispier product than standard breadcrumbs. Real potential." 

Grampian Food Forum, Judges’ Feedback


"Tasted good, nice colour and crunch. Can’t tell it isn’t gluten free. Great for chefs, makes life so much easier and could make gluten free breadcrumbs mainstream. A brilliant idea. Really clued into the industry. Loved this product – a real game changer in foodservice and retail. Tastes fantastic …" 

Scotland Food & Drink, Judges’ Feedback


"A truly fantastic product."

Scotland Food & Drink, Judges’ Feedback

Gluten Free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Dairy & Egg Free

With Pulses

Great for Fibre

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