Pulsetta Lemon Oat Thins

Lemon Oat Thins are little bursts of sunshine in a biscuit.

Baked with pulses and full of pure oaty goodness, our Lemon Oat Thins are a healthier breed of biscuit, made with some of nature's finest ingredients.

Zesty, zingy and totally irresistible.

Our Lemon Oat Thins not only taste great – they are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and are wonderfully only 26 kcal per biscuit.

Don't just go Lemon – try our Mocha, Vanilla and Savoury range.

“Lemony temptation. Lovely circles of lemony goodness that leave you wanting more. Just the thing with a nice cup of tea.” Elizabeth


“Your biscuits are lovely! I had some of the lemon oat thins broken up with Greek yoghurt and raspberries for dessert the other night, what a treat!” Amy Burnett


“Indulgent but sin-free yums. These indulgent-tasting little oaty morsels are sweet, zesty and delicious, yet only 20-something calories. Will definitely be buying them again!” Carly

Gluten Free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Dairy & Egg Free

With Pulses

Great for Fibre

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